Failure of the Five Tastes Theory

1. Opposite flavors are complementary. Eat a meal including all five tastes and you will feel completely nourished. 

2. You will not snack on additional food later to satisfy your out-of-balance cravings.

3. The sweetness evoked by the rising and falling of the word “puppy," for instance.

4. Maraschino cherries have a similar effect. 

5. We roll down the windows as the station wagon approaches the ocean.

6. Sour grapes is the false denial of desire for something sought but not acquired “I didn't want those ugly shoes anyway,” the woman thought as the salesman looked at her large, calloused feet.     

7. The cold wind is bitter. Later, his unkind words made her think of endive.

8. Umami is savoriness. Standing by the hearth the man in the gabardine suit kissed the girl, his large hand pressed tenderly against her lower back. She wanted desperately to escape with him to the  cabin by the lakeside, to disappear with him forever.

9. A common assessment of pungency is made by measuring pyruvate in fresh onions.

10. The flavor attained through sucking a cotton ball should not be confused with the flavor attained when sucking on the collar of a cotton shirt, which reveals only the flavor of shirt.

11. Lick tin. You will find it is distinct from gold or bronze. Rust has yet another character.

12. Wood is a category onto itself.

13. Is there anything as deceptive as the smell of pure vanilla?

14. Blood and the taste of victory are related. You can compare them at home.

15. Chew on the edge of a woolen scarf. Wool is a kind of hair but does not carry the essence of all hair.

16. There is kindred flavor in reluctance and sorrow.

17. Fear carries an aftertaste that is reminiscent of a fine Chardonnay, not unlike walnut shells.