40 Poems for 40 Pounds

Reflections on Weight Loss

Dear Reader, 

Dieters need more poetry in their lives.  

I recently lost forty pounds.  Along the way, I wrote poems.  This process culminated in a small blog, “40 Poems for 40 Pounds.”  For the purposes of this web page, I have edited my collection. Here you will find 34 verses.  However, please let the record show: I did lose 40 pounds.  And I feel great.

These poems are all my own original work.  They have been rejected by numerous literary magazines.  One poem, "In the Restroom at the Church (Just Before Facing the Scale at the Weight Watchers Meeting)" won first place in the ByLine List Poem contest announced in the November 2007 issue.

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The Fat Muse


Why did you begin this project, 40 poems for 40 pounds?

When my dentist casually said to me, “You could brighten those babies up in no time," I went for it.

A few weeks later, after twice daily sessions with bleach paste and a custom fitted mouth guard, my teeth were whiter than new snow. 

“Well, that was easy.” I said to my husband while examining my resplendent  pearlies in the bathroom mirror. “I wish there was a way to lose weight that simply.” 

“There is,” he said. “You just have to do it.”

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