Sometime between breakfast and lunch,
Tuesday of last week, I lost my Motivation.
This isn't the first time it's been missing.
I'd tied it together with my Self Worth (not
a good decision, I now know) out in front of
the house while I was getting ready
to go to the gym.

When I came out they were both gone.
I was going to check with my neighbors -
Had they seen the pair?
Running free through the backyards?
But I found that I just wasn't up to it.

I'm concerned someone took them in;
they were so bedraggled. Or driven them
to the pound, where certainly they
would have been put out of their misery.
Or that they died under a bush.

I suppose I could get new ones, but simply
the thought of training them exhausts me.

Oh the phone calls that don't get made!
Oh the laundry that doesn't get washed!

I do know people who live without
Motivation or Self Worth. That's
always a choice. Maybe mine will yet
return of their own accord. I can hope.

I'll put up a sign.