Something Akin to a Diet

For various personal and societal reasons,
I've decided to balance a large feral, flightless,
invisible turkey on my head. I take this turkey
with me everywhere I go.

I'm an optimist. I think this bird is tamable.

With enough love and encouragement, the turkey
will become my friend, settle in on my head and
stay there of its own volition; not struggle,
not flap.

We will live in harmony and stasis. One day,
the turkey on my head will not feel like a burden. Its
feet will no longer bite into my scalp.
The turkey and I will become one.

Now, for a crumb of realism.

I will tolerate my turkey for
as long as I am able. Eventually, though,
the turkey will drive me crazy until one day, I'll
snatch it down and kill it and roast it
and eat the whole damned bird in one sitting.
Then I'll begin again.
One turkey on my head after another, one day at a time.