What We Recall

Alice K. passed away in her sleep February 1st after a prolonged battle with cancer. She was 92 years old and a size 16. Alice graduated from Franklin High School and received her bachelor's degree from Portland State University in 1950. She'd always wished she were thinner. Alice married Sheldon K. in 1951 and raised two children: Mary B. of Salem; Adam K. of Idaho Falls, Idaho. She was never able to lose those extra 30 pounds after Adam was born. She returned to college in 1970 to earn her degree in education. She spoke fluent Russian, and started a career as a fifth-grade teacher. She had trouble eating in moderation, especially after a glass of wine. After retiring, she did volunteer work to help teens and adults with literacy problems. She favored loose fitting clothing and wide belts. She overate alone in her kitchen at night. Alice studied briefly in the Soviet Union before the fall of communism. She tried one weight loss plan after another but never had the willpower to be a success. She spent six months in Pakistan setting up schools for women and girls in the shadow of the Taliban regime. She regretted that she didn't get more exercise. Alice is survived by her two children, 8 grandchildren, two great-grandchildren and many wonderful friends. Her second husband and soul mate, Sam “Sonny” M. preceded her in death. Sam always told Alice that he liked her body just fine, but Alice never believed him. When she looked at pictures of herself, all she saw was her protruding belly, her double chin.