Women's Jackets and Shirts

Even though you may
never have considered
yourself a Women's size,
there are times in which you might
feel sad or bewildered and
need comfort.
A Women's size
is designed to flatter.

If you have an ample bust.
If it is difficult to find
a relaxed fit and/or you
see fold lines from the shoulder
to the buttons. If you weep
and seek more ease of movement.
Remember: a Women's size
is cut generously.

If the buffet makes
your palms moist. If you are (at times)
unstable and/or insatiable. If you
huff and puff. If your thighs
chafe. If you take cheery
pleasure in warm
cake and cheese. If you are
disproportionately broad.

If you are fuller through
the waist and midriff. If you are
often full, or never full. If you have
inadequate control;
you might be a Woman.
A top in a Women's size
will give you a
more comfortable fit.